Release Notes

List of the changes applied to Duplicate Clear Tool after each update can be found below. This list gets updated every time a new version arrives.

Dec 2023

Version 2.9.3

  • Fixed an issue related to comparing files by content on Windows 11

Dec 2022

Version 2.9.2

  • Minor UI improvements

Apr 2022

Version 2.9.1

  • Improved application icon
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent scanning after a previously cancelled scan

Feb 2022

Version 2.8.1

  • Internal improvements

Jan 2022

Version 2.7.1

  • Ability to send error reports to improve user experience

Feb 2021

Version 2.6.1

  • Minor UI improvements
  • Internal improvements

Jan 2020

Version 2.5.3

  • Improved formating for exported report files
  • Fixed an issue caused the app do not perform at its best on Windows 10 October 2018 Update and later due to lack of file system access

Oct 2019

Version 2.5.2

  • Fixed an issue which caused reports do not export correctly

Jun 2019

Version 2.5.1

  • Ability to select duplicates with longer/shorter path

May 2019

Version 2.4.1

  • Updated contact e-mail and website url
  • Internal improvements.
  • Fixed a bug which was caused the scan progress information does not update properly

Apr 2019

Version 2.3.1

  • Fixed a minor bug which led to showing negative number for number of filtered files during a scan

Mar 2019

Version 2.2.0

  • Fixed the functionaility of the open with menu item

Mar 2019

Version 2.1.0

  • New logo

Feb 2019

Version 2.0.6

  • Fixed an issue related to scanning mapped network drives

Jan 2019

Version 2.0.4

  • Fixed an issue which caused the criteria tab does not appear correctly

Dec 2018

Version 2.0.3

  • Ability to browse the storage from inside the application
  • Scan performance improved significantly. (requires Windows 10 April update)
  • UI improvements

Mar 2018

Version 1.8.2

  • Ability to scan OneDrive storage
  • UI improvements

Jan 2018

Version 1.7.1

  • Ability to set locations as protected to avoid deleting files they contain
  • Ability to select duplicates by their group (all but one in group/only one in group)
  • Ability to toggle visibility of selection assistant (desktop)
  • Improved selection assistant
  • Moved content comparison options to settings

Dec 2017

Version 1.6.2

  • Ability choose to scan or ignore subfolders (deep/shallow) for each scan location
  • Ability to move files into recycle bin instead of permanently deleting them (desktop only)
  • Ability to select duplicates by folder
  • Total size of files in each duplicate group is now displayed on group header
  • Duplicate groups are now sorted by total size of files they contain
  • Default accent color is now set to Windows accent color in order to respect user preferences
  • UI improvements

Dec 2017

Version 1.5.3

  • Fixed title on the live tile

Nov 2017

Version 1.5.2

  • Ability to exclude folders from the scan process
  • Ability to export report of removal process to CSV files
  • Ability to add transparent tile to Start
  • Criteria configuration now get preserved between app sessions
  • UI changes now get preserved between app sessions
  • UI improvements
  • Fixed an error (80131500) when attempting to scan an inaccessible directory
  • Fixed an issue caused group headers don't update when manually selecting a duplicate

Jun 2017

Version 1.4.5

  • Ability to view duplicates in a sortable table (grid view)
  • Ability to select theme and accent color
  • Ability to view number of filtered and analyzed files during the search
  • Improved scan performance
  • Reduced memory usage
  • UI improvements

Dec 2016

Version 1.3.1

  • Ability to find/group duplicates by same name, similar names and/or same extension
  • Ability to specify tolerance when comparing files by size
  • Ability to find/group duplicates by their modified date only (ignoring modified time)
  • Ability to specify tolerance when comparing files by modified date/time
  • Ability to find/group duplicates that are in the same folder
  • Ability to find/group duplicates that have the same folder name
  • Ability to specify hash algorithm (MD5, SHA1 or SHA256) when comparing files by content
  • Ability to filter files by wildcard
  • Ability to filter files by their size
  • Ability to filter zero size files
  • Ability to filter files by their modified date
  • Full path of each duplicate is displayed in the list (wide screens)
  • Full path of the scanning folder is diplayed while searching for duplicates
  • Imprvoed accuracy when looking for files with similar names
  • Group headers are now occupying less space, more space to view duplicates
  • UI improvements
  • Thumbnail image of duplicates did not appear after collapsing all groups
  • Incorrect (0 x 0) dimensions where displayed for SVG files

Nov 2016

Version 1.2.2

  • Detailed report of the removal process
  • Added compressed type filter to the list of predefined filters
  • Memory usage reduced dramatically (desktop)
  • Removal process failed with error 800131500
  • Removal process failed if an error occurred during deleting any of the duplicates
  • Search process continued in background after canceling the search
  • Fixed some bugs that caused crash

Oct 2016

Version 1.1.5

  • Ability to add individual files to scan
  • Ability to drag & drop files and folders into the location area
  • Thumbnail image of each duplicate is also being displayed (in addition to size and date)
  • Ability to filter files by wildcard (*.tar.gz for example)
  • User Interface improvements
  • Preventing user to add the same location more than once
  • Warning message when user attempts to delete all files of a duplicate group